Biological Science Education Microscope

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Excellent early education/school teaching microscope! 

Encourage and develop children's scientific knowledge, interest, and curiosity about biology from a young age.

Designed for minimal user set up, so your little scientists can get it ready by themselves! Simple and safe to operate. The microscope has integrated LED lights. By adjusting the lights, you can see the objects from different angles.

Option 2 includes 48 specimens in four boxes. 

Green box - Plants (Potato starch, Sponge gourd stem, Lotus root, Pumpkin ovary, Cucumber ovary, Onion Epidermis, Ginger root, Celery leaf, Burdock root, Cabbage leaf, Carrot root, Corn stem)  

Yellow box - Flowers (Laver, Sunflower pollen, Agar, Bamboo cane, Phlox leaf,
Dandelion Fuzz, Carnation stem, Lily pollen, Camellia pollen, Tulip pollen, Veins of Holly Leaf, Pine tree stem)

Red box - Insects (Butterfly Wing, Butterfly Leg, Butterfly Antenna, Locust Wing,
Locust Leg, Locust Antenna, Honeybee Wing, Honeybee Leg, Honeybee Antenna, Dragonfly Wing, Dragonfly Leg, Dragonfly Abdomen)

Blue box - Animals (Plankton egg, Cat Hair, Rabbit Hair, Sheep Hair, Cow Hair,
Duck Feather, Canary Feather, Horse Hair, Pigeon Feather, Fowl Feather, Sardine Scale, Goldfish Scale)
Requires 2 'AA' batteries (not included).
Size: 12x7.5x24.3 cm
Recommended age 6+ years old